"Heaven" Poem

When the race is won
And the work is done
When the Church is one
And there is endless fun

We will each get our crown
And reign on Your throne
As we dwell in our eternal home

We will shout in victory
For it is finished
The fruit of Your grace will never be diminished

We will serve one another and You forever
For You alone are our Pleasure and Treasure

We will walk on the streets of gold
And gaze upon the beauty of the City of Old
Chilling by the Consuming Fire
we will never be cold

We will drink from the water of life
We will see Your Face and be filled with delight
And on our lips we will ever sing of Your power and might

That is where we are going

And though now we see only in part
Soon we will be all knowing

We will shout worthy is the Lamb who was slain
For surely His cross was not in vain
His pain has become our eternal gain

He will wipe away every tear from our eyes
And He will put an end to the reign of the father of lies
For with sin we no longer have any ties

That is where we are going

So as the lights in the midst of the darkness we must keep on glowing

For to this we were called
To let our light shine before others
That we may be one as sisters and brothers

That is where we are going

So with this in mind, His love you must always keep showing.